To thank a gift, say good morning when you arrive in a place, say goodbye before you leave … these are actions of the day to day that we stimulate in the children so that they become educated people and that they respect other people.

That alone is enough, but there is more: when we raise a child concerned with others we are not only helping her to live in society, but also stimulating her development.

Learning to live well with others

When we encourage children to use the so-called magic words we are making them realize that selfishness – natural until about age 6 – is a phase that must pass. This helps the child create more maturity to become an adult who cares about others.

Develop emotional skills

When the child goes through experiences of gratitude and respect, he is more likely to develop skills such as acceptance of others, teamwork, conviviality with differences, that is, the socio-emotional skills essential to his development.

Learning to value things

By insisting that our children be thankful when they receive a gift or something, we are giving them the means to understand that regardless of what they receive, they should be grateful and know that everything has its value and importance.

Good relationship

Thanking when someone has loaned something or having empathy and treat others with good humor and gentleness generates complicity and connections that, in the future, help build good relationships and healthy environments.

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