The child doesn´t want to wake up, almost doesn´t have time to play during week days, seems tired… You may have seen one of these scenes, and not by chance. Our rhythm of life often suggests a very busy routine. While parents work, kids are overstimulated by a number of classes and appointments.  

There is no prescription or formula that tells you how much time your child should spend on certain activities. Psychologists and pediatricians recommend to use common sense, and attention to the characteristics and limits of each child.

While one feels tired with two extra-curricular lessons in the week, for example, another does many activities from Monday to Saturday and that’s okay!

One thing is consensus: children learn by playing! It is not necessary to fill the child’s whole day so that he doesn´t feel alone or develop.

Also, because if we restrict too much the “play” (with supervised activities in excess), the less chance the children have to be who they are, and to develop in a balanced and healthy way.

For younger children, less is more. The smaller the child, the greater the need for time at will, to play with what they want, with the parents or some caregiver who has an affective bond with them.

Ideally, part of the time should be devoted to contact with other children, and that is where the school comes in, if not possible to take them to a small square.

If you are in doubt about how your child reacts to her routine, some questions can help (re) think his schedule:

Has he been wanting to sleep too much, beyond usual?
Is he unmotivated at school or other activities?
Is he doing poorly at school?
Has there been any change in behavior or appetite?
Does he forget things easily?
Does he really likes the activities he does?

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