It is in childhood that we learn much of the concepts needed for the rest of our lives. All this starts in the most fun way: playing! Anything turns into fun in the hands of our children. How many times you have given a present to them and when you saw it, the play revolved around the packaging … how wonderful! With these materials, the little ones have the opportunity to invent their own plays starting from simple and improbable resources. Developing imagination, creativity, and intelligence. In addition, this kind of play helps in the construction of children’s memory, since when they play, they reproduce familiar elements and things they have already learned at school, with their family or with friends.

By building the toy itself and devising ways to use it, the child improves other skills. When painting, trimming, and drawing, for example, motor coordination is explored. To turn what’s in their head into reality with the right materials and in the right way, they will need to organize and plan themselves. Concentration, attention and discipline are also skills worked through during these activities.

Learn how to make toys step by step:

Plenty of options

Do you know what’s even better? Most of these materials are considered disposable, meaning you will not even need to worry about the costs. The egg carton can turn into a train, colorful adhesive tapes can turn into a beautiful necklace, and toilet rolls can join pet bottles and turn musical instruments. Let the imagination flow: cardboard, paints, lids, fabric flaps, buttons, different paper types and pebbles are a few more raw material alternatives for fun.

Learn to make toys with recycled materials

Besides all the benefits to child development, the materials used to build unstructured toys are almost always recyclable and reusable. In addition to having fun, your child can improve their environmental awareness.


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