When we talk about child development, it is common to think of encouraging the child with educational and challenging activities. But, what is so or more important than these stimuli? Affection. And the bond that is formed through it! The care of the family (and caregivers) is essential for the good development of the child, see how to ensure good doses of affection.

What is affection – besides kissing, hugging, picking him on your arms?

It’s giving him attention, really. When you leave your phone or tablet to play with the child, for example. To talk to the baby, be together, to focus on him. That’s affection! Imagine the scene: mother and son walk hand in hand. She talks, plays, talks about the movement of the leaves, protects him from the wind. Now imagine this mother beside the child, walking without interaction, distracted.

How to build and strengthen the bond?

It is built when the child is still in the womb and then through daily care with the baby. Everything that favors interaction, such as bathing, changing clothes and food, and is done with love, strengthens this connection. Believe: giving stimuli that impact a child’s cognitive and intellectual skills doesn´t work so well if he does not feel loved and respected. This is because the brain is forming in an accelerated way and it is at this stage that the most important connections happen – and that marks life forever! If in this period, the child experiences affection and bond of quality, it develops in a much healthier and happier way, because it is as if affection linked the learning in the child’s brain!


4 Tips for exercising affection and bonding:


  1. Talking with the baby during a walk and in the day to day – even if he doesn´t speak yet.
  2. Sing together. Playkids karaoke has lyrics for the child and the adult to accompany while they sing and watch a clip.
  3. Storytelling is another important strategy that strengthens the relationship with the child.
  4. Looking into the child’s eye, both at playtime and in routine care also contributes to their good development.

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