It’s all about fun. Stimulating children’s learning in the way they like the most: playing! This is how PlayKids since 2013 develops and curates educational content aimed at child development, contributing to the future of more than 40 million kids from 180 countries around the world.

Awarded with the National Parenting Product Awards, NAPPA (2018), and also with the Apple Publishers’ Choice label as the best app of education & kids since 2015, PlayKids is proudly recognized as one of the global leaders in the category.

Interdisciplinarity: Connections that make it happen

Playing outdoors. Reading books. Learning with educational games. Discovering a world of possibilities on the tablet or on a sheet of paper. Uniting the room environment with the family and friends to the – so charming before the child’s eyes – digital world, using the augmented reality. These are the connections that provide to the new generations a light and much more effective learning.

A country that successfully applies the interdisciplinarity in its model of education is Finland. A reference worldwide, Finland’s educational model is based on interdisciplinary training, through technology, citizenship, and innovation.

Based on this same premise of working interdisciplinarity in favor of child development, PlayKids cares about bringing innovation to its products. “The progress is not to leave the old behind. It’s about getting what is valuable and harnessing the new tools for deeper, longer-lasting results. That’s what we hope to do at PlayKids, and augmented reality, for example, will help us get there”, says Breno Masi, PlayKids General Manager.

With that in mind, PlayKids has carefully developed two products that combine education with fun and digital with offline. The goal is only one: to be present in the various moments of the families lives, contributing to the kids’ development for a better world! Get to know a little bit more about them:

The PlayKids Explorer

PlayKids Explorer is a subscription club that offers, every month, a themed box filled with educational personalized activities ideal for children from 1 to 10 years old. The box is shaped as a briefcase and its content is developed according to the different stages of child growth, taking into account the right size, shape, material, and the complexity of the activities for each age. All that to guarantee that your adventure around the Explorer world is rich of fun and learning. To join the club, go to:

The PlayKids App

It’s the world’s most downloaded app from the kids educational category. With 5 million monthly active users, since its launch, in 2013, the company has conquered families in more than 180 countries, in addition to being elected one of the best apps for iOS and for Apple TV in 2016.

There are different ways to play and encourage kids to learn new things, and one of them is through technology. With PlayKids App, children have access to an educational and fun content in an environment especially developed for them. All of our content was selected by a team of specialists in psychology, pedagogy, and audiovisual for children and always bring learning to the little ones. All the 3 thousand videos available on the platform stimulate the motor, intellectual, and socio-emotional skills. To download, go to:

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