From age 2 and on, the child is no longer considered a baby. Although you may continue to think they are still your little baby, they are reaching important development milestones and should receive positive stimuli during this stage.

The child’s brain is like a sponge absorbing everything around. All information that passes by is picked up and processed very quickly. By the age of 2, it is common for the child to start developing motor skills that will help them in their daily life, such as bladder control and potty training.

Speech also changes and this is something that you will soon realize, since they begin to form more short sentences with actual meaning. One way to stimulate your kid is by reading and talking, introducing new words during conversations so that they begin to expand their vocabulary more and more. They pay attention to everything around them and it is a great achievement for them to be able to communicate with you, strengthening the bonds between parents and child.

In school

They become more sociable. Going to school becomes easier since the child is gradually building bonds with other children. At this stage, they also understand the concept of number sequences and will like to be challenged by you to repeat from one to ten.

Activities to do together

Blocks and stacking toys are welcome at this age, as they help the development of motor coordination with grasping, in addition to logical reasoning. Simple jigsaw puzzles can also be a good and fun choice for you and your little one. The game requires logic and concentration.

Many characters are also advised for this phase, teaching children notions of cause and effect, resilience, and problem solving. In the PlayKids app you can find cartoons like Charlie and Lola, Pocoyo, and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. All are recommended for children in this age group, stimulating the development of your little one!

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