With children from 0 to 1 years, you can …

— Have rubber, plastic, fabric books and textures for free handling (babies like to handle objects to become familiar with them)
— Point out the pictures in the book and say out loud the name of what your child is looking at
— Turn pages according to baby’s interest or help him to turn them
— Represent with gestures or with the voice the figures that you are showing
— Imitate the sounds the baby does and observe his reaction
— Asking questions about the things he is hearing and seeing
— Follow baby’s directions, either to read more, to repeat or stop

From 1 to 2 years old, you can …

— Let the child choose a book that he wants to read along with you
— Use different voices to represent the various characters in the stories
— Ask questions so the child can respond by pointing or speaking
— Encourage him to make the sound of a certain animal
— Smile and respond when the child speaks or points
— Let the child turn the pages of the book
— Add more words about an image that he points to
— Naming and demonstrating actions and emotions in stories – not just reading what is there

From 2 to 4 years, you can …

— Ask questions about the pictures in the book so the child answers
— Read books that present actions that children already understand as unusual. For example: “The three wolves and the bad pig”
— Value all questions and comments that the child does
— Give the child the opportunity to comment on a picture or word
— Show the child how the things that happen in the books are similar to what happens to us
— Talk about the feelings of the characters and ask if he already felt that

From 4 to 6 years, it is possible …

— Talk spontaneously about the subjects of the book
Show the child that you are reading the words in the book
Read the story the way the author wrote, without changing the strange and different words that expand the child’s vocabulary
Follow the reading with your finger so the child can visually follow the letters


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