The first day of school, an important test, being in a new place, or away from the parents… There are many reasons that make a child feel anxious. Anxiety is something natural and is part of the life of adults and children. The difference is that we can handle this emotion better than kids and identify its causes. While children are still getting to know and deal with various feelings for the first time, they may need a little help in understanding the anxiety they are experiencing and how to solve it.

Pay attention in these code phrases

Parents and caregivers need to identify when the little ones are anxious, and then help them deal with this emotion. It is crucial to watch their behavior, small details can give important tips. Cynthia Spaggiari and Sarah Helena, specialists in child development, have listed 6 phrases that may indicate that toddlers are anxious.

1. “I don’t feel well; I have a headache; my stomach hurts…” are often reported symptoms, especially when little ones want to avoid something.

2. “Is it time to leave yet?”, showing much discomfort in staying somewhere.

3. “I don’t wanna go to school today.”, especially when this scene becomes routine.

4. “I can’t; I’m going to make mistakes”,or other phrases related to the lack of confidence in oneself.

5. “Don’t leave me”, demonstrating that they want the presence of trustworthy people to perform daily tasks that they used to do alone.

6. “Can you turn on the light for me this night?” or “Can you sleep with me?”, showing difficulty in sleeping alone, which can be a sign that your child is anxious.

When it comes to children’s anxiety, it is important that parents first look at themselves by observing their own behavior. Another key point is to take children’s feelings seriously, listening to them and trying to help them understand what they are feeling.

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