Together with the kids comes a new routine, days full of noise and happiness, challenges, a double or even a triple shift, discoveries, uncertainty and insecurities, moments of warmth, learning, small and big accomplishments, fears, strong emotions, and… anxiety and stress.

Yes! Finding balance among all the different roles and tasks brought on by motherhood is far from easy, and it is very likely that mothers find themselves in moments of anxiety and stress.

But then what? How to relieve these feelings that, sometimes, insist on staying?

1. Breathing

This may seem obvious, after all, aren’t we breathing all the time? But BREATHING for real, paying attention to the air getting in and out through the nostrils. Feeling the chest going up and down in each inspiration and expiration. This is an exercise that may have more benefits than you imagine.

If you practice yoga or meditation, you have surely felt what just a few minutes of slow inhaling and exhaling may do to you. But if you are not used to these activities, all it takes is sitting down for a few moments, whether on the living room’s couch, on the bed, or even on a corner in the kitchen. Allow yourself to have this moment just for you.

Close your eyes and greatly breath in and out for 3, 5, 10, 30 times, as much as it is needed for you to sort your head out and think about the next steps with more calmness, attention, and clarity.

2. Coloring

You don’t even need to worry about buying those coloring books that were hyped a while ago. It can be any coloring page your kid has or even any printed image. You can do it alone or together with your little one. But the simple act of dedicating yourself to something so simple and manual like coloring can be an effective way of calming down and sorting your thoughts, besides being a great and funny moment to be shared with your baby.

3. Letting yourself loose

Singing, dancing, shouting, jumping… Sometimes all our mind and body need is letting themselves loose. Whenever you feel this need, allow yourself! A few minutes spending this energy can make a difference in your day. If it involves your kid, this can even become a very fun game. Also, playing is a great way to let yourself loose. Play games, mimics, tag or simply challenge your child to a running challenge! When we express ourselves this way, we let anxiety and stress out, relieving these feelings, at least a little.

4. Exercising

Speaking of spending energy, if there is anything that works wonders for the body and mind is exercise. Be it bike riding, running, jogging, working out, dancing, or any other sport, physical activities are essential for good health, both for the body and the mind. When we exercise often, our brain releases hormones that make us feel better, apart from being a moment in which we can temporarily stop thinking about everyday concerns. So get moving!

5. Writing

Another great way to let your emotions out is writing. Loose thoughts, texts, letters, poetry… Writing is a great tool to clarify and sort out thoughts, almost like therapy! You don’t need to worry about rules and forms: write for yourself or just for the sake of writing, have your very own diary! After getting it off your chest, you will definitely read your ideas with a clearer mind and be able to name and understand better what you are feeling.

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